“Understanding brings clarity – clarity brings compassion and compassion is love”

Before we make an attempt to heal our body, we need to connect with it and understand its physiology. We have to tap its source of creation so that we can move to being a “Creator” of our own body and our life thereafter.

Pause, Listen, Think, have a conversation with your body! It will tell you everything about its challenges and responses to what you are subjecting it to, how it loves being in nature and blossoms when we feed it wholesome organic food, and have good thoughts and do actions in sync with our nature and destiny…more about that later…

Now if we focus on understanding our body chemistry, it is a well known fact that, our Body comprisies of “Panch Mahabhutas”, the five elements which nature has manifested in various forms of life:

  • Earth or Prithvi
  • Water or Jala
  • Fire or Tejas
  • Air or Vayu
  • Ether or Akash

Going back a little on how these 5 elements came into being..

Purusha is the male energy- unmanifested, choiceless, passive and pure awareness. It is formless and beyond attributes.

Prakriti is the female energy – form, colourful, active, choiceful consciousness with attributes. It is the divine creative will that dances the dance of creation.

From their union of love, Cosmic Intelligence “Mahad” or “Buddhi” is manifested.

Mahad gives birth to “Ahamkara” which is the centre of our consciousness giving us a sense of identity. This is expressed in three universal qualities – Sattva / Rajas / Tamas.

Tamas leads to creation of matter or nature in the form of five elements of earth / water / fire / air / ether.

Creation of nature from the 5 elements…

These five elements come together in each creature in a unique combination, which needs to be understood, honoured and worked upon, to achieve balance and harmony. With these elements, comes the flow of energy, “Prana” and together they come to form three elements of body constitution called doshas:

  • Vata (energy of Air)
  • Pitta (energy of fire)
  • Kapha (energy of Water and earth)

All three of them are found in everyone and everything – climate, food, animals, plants… In fact the ratio of vata, pitta and kapha within each of us has a significant influence on our individual physical, emotional and mental traits and characterstics. These are established early on before our birth and generally remain stable throughout life. They determine our physiology, our physique, our likes, dislikes, our tendencies and habits, our mental and emotional states as well as our vulnerabilities towards imbalances and dis-eases.

Prakruti & Vikruti

The unique and specific combination of the three doshas at conception is called your “prakruti” which does not change much during a person’s lifetime.

But balance of doshas in our mind-body system changes due to weather, dietary choices, fatigue, stress or emotional states. This altered state of doshas, reflecting current state of health is called “vikruti”

Difference between the two, gives direction for healing and the aim will be to re-establish the balance indicated by your “Prakruti”.

Hence it is imperative to know your body at the most fundamental level, which will henceforth serve as a benchmark and reference point for attending to any future imbalances in not only our bodies but also our minds.

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