Ceylon Cinnamon health benefits

Ceylon Cinnamon Health Benefits

 An aromatic, warming spice, great for balancing digestion, pacifying headaches, relieving painful menstrual cramps. It quells nausea and regulates metabolism of fats and sugars too. 

1)Treatment of diabetes

 It consists of properties that highly contribute to several Ceylon Cinnamon health benefits. It is suggested that Ceylon cinnamon is useful in the treatment of diabetes as it helps in reducing the insulin resistance in the body. It helps in reducing the level of glucose during the intake of food.  

2) Working against cancer

 The anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties present in Ceylon Cinnamon also provides for Ceylon Cinnamon health benefits by working against cancer also. It is said to prevent the occurrence of certain kinds of cancer. 

3) Maintaining the blood pressure

Furthermore, Ceylon Cinnamon helps in maintaining the blood pressure. It contributes towards a healthy functioning heart. 

4) Lowering the cholesterol levels

 Ceylon Cinnamon also plays a vital role in lowering the cholesterol levels adding to its Ceylon Cinnamon health benefits. It basically aims at reducing the total cholesterol by eradicating the bad cholesterol (LDL) and maintaining the good cholesterol (HDL). Overall, it works towards reducing and preventing any type of heart related diseases.  

5) Helps fight against tooth decay and bad breath

 The anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties of Ceylon Cinnamon helps fight against tooth decay and bad breath also. It restricts the growth of several kinds of bacteria adding to its Ceylon Cinnamon health benefits. 

 6) Lowering the blood sugar levels

Ceylon Cinnamon is one of the healthiest spices that can be found on the planet and is delicious at the same time. It helps in lowering the blood sugar levels and stabilizing them, also fights against any kind of and related heart disease risk factors and it is a bundle full of other impressive Ceylon Cinnamon health benefits. 

 Health issue of loss of appetite can also be cured with help of Ceylon Cinnamon which is one of the most beneficial and important of Ceylon Cinnamon health benefits. It  stabilizes the body to its regular, adequate appetite.

 Ceylon Cinnamon Health Benefits

 Ceylon Cinnamon is quite effective in regulating the glucose response in the body, or we can put it as- it regulates the amount of blood sugar in the blood after intake of food.

 It also helps in soothing sore throat or coughing by the help of its anti-bacterial as well as warming properties.

 Ceylon cinnamon can also provide relief for nausea by the help of catechins that are present in the spice.

It works towards reduction in hair loss also; a hair mask mixed with Ceylon Cinnamon can lessen all your worries regarding hair loss.

 Ceylon Cinnamon adds on to its health benefits by helping in weight loss, boosting your immune system by aiding the digestive system. Its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties prevent and protect the body from any type of infection. Ceylon Cinnamon is also vital in treating menstrual cramps which adds to the health benefits for females in a great way.

 Ceylon Cinnamon Health Benefits


  • Make tea with pinch of cinnamon, ginger and jaggery to detox and cleanse your colon.
  • Have cinnamon, honey and warm water to lose weight.
  • Face Mask: Mix one ripe banana, half teaspoon cm powder and a few drops of honey to make a face mask for an even glowing skin or mix a pinch of cm with olive oil and apply on face for anti ageing effect.


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